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Do you know what your Testosterone Levels are?
Test your Testosterone Levels at-home with Progene’s Testosterone Test Kits - a painless saliva (spit) based hormone test.

Why should I do the Testosterone Test?
Testosterone is a critical male hormone that helps to maintain health and vitality.

Low levels of testosterone can greatly effect a man's strength, energy levels, mood and sexual interest and performance. As men age, a natural decline of 1-2%/year occurs.

Testosterone chart
Testosterone Reference Ranges (see chart for graph)
AgeRange (pg/mL)

One out of every four men over 30 have low testosterone - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Sept 2007
Today's men have 20% lower testosterone levels than their counterparts from 15 years ago - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, Nov 2006

Additionally, external factors, the environment, and nutrition can accelerate the decline.

Where elevated levels of male estrogen (estradiol), can reduce libido, increase body fat and enhance a man's risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate disease:

Excessive levels of estrogenic chemicals present in adult U.S. males - Environmental Health Perspective, June 2007

Knowing your saliva hormone levels is an important first step towards understanding if male hormones are below normal.

About Saliva Hormone Testing
Based on more than 20 years of research, saliva hormone testing has become a preferred method for measuring hormone levels.

In addition to being less expensive and more practical than blood testing, saliva testing measures the active (bio-available) levels of hormones rather than the inactive (total or bound) levels of hormones.

This important because betwen 95 and 99% of steroid hormones in your bloodstream are "bound" by proteins such as cortisol binding globulin (CBG) and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

Steroid hormones in saliva, are "unbound" by proteins and thus free or bio-available. In other words, saliva hormone testing measures the amount of hormones in the body that are actually usable by cells, while blood testing measures all hormones regardless of their availability to the cells.

Salivary testosterone is once again shown to be a reliable assessment for male hormonal health - Clinical Endocrinology, Nov 2007

TestosteroneTest Kit Overview
The test kit includes all the materials needed to collect an accurate saliva specimen in the privacy of your own home. After collecting a specimen, you mail it to Progene Labs, a CLIA approved clinical laboratory, in a pre-paid US Postal shipping box for assessment. The results will be available online or via the phone within 1 week of receipt of the sample.

Next Steps:
Based on the results, if you are looking to restore the levels of free testosterone to what you might have experienced when you were younger, consider Progene Daily Complex, an all-natural testosterone supplement. (click here to About Progene)

When should I retest?
After starting any hormone health program, it’s recommend that you reassess levels every 2-3 months.
Once levels reach your target goals, continue with the program you’ve chosen.
Recheck your levels with a test every 3-6 months while taking any supplements or prescription testosterone regimen.